Our Goals

Culture Retention
To ensure Indigenous culture retention for future generations and the wider community.

Building Relationships
To build stronger relationships and leverage, utilising our broad community network and partners.

Empowering our people
To empowering our people through community-led decision-making, reform and accountability.

Supporting our People and Businesses
Working with partners to tailor regions services and investments to support Aboriginal people and organisations to build their capability and aspiration as core business activity.

Developing our Future Leaders
Building community capacity through culture and leadership development.

The Guiding Principles of Barang

Aboriginal-led responsibility is at the heart of our principles on Indigenous reform.
It is non-negotiable and assumed in all the principles listed below:

Community and government programs must support Aboriginal responsibility. 

Participation in our reform movement is on an opt-in basis for those eager to shape their own destinies.

All program design must be site-specific to allow for our different laws, cultures, governance and ways of making things happen.

Innovation in program design is critical and will always be encouraged. While mistakes are acceptable, we will apply what we learn each time to continually improve.

Funding for programs must be based on outcomes, with communities given the flexibility for innovation, improvement and use of incentives to alter behaviours.

Programs outcomes must be measured the same way each time, so we can improve how they are designed, implement and to make them more effective.

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