Empower Communities: Empowered People - Design Report 2015

November 27, 2015

There needs to be a fundamental shift away from the traditional social policy framework in whichIndigenous affairs has been conducted, to a comprehensive Indigenous Empowerment agenda.It is a long-term reform that requires a new partnership of Indigenous leaders, governments and corporate leaders in order to succeed, with all partners prepared to play their roles in a different way. We seek formal agreement to a 10-year Indigenous Empowerment policy framework.

Empowerment, in our meaning, has two aspects. It means Indigenous people empowering ourselves by taking all appropriate and necessary powers and responsibilities for our own lives and futures.It also means Commonwealth, state and territory governments sharing, and in some cases relinquishing, certain powers and responsibilities, and supporting Indigenous people with resources and capability building.

Download attachment #1 to read the full report or download attachment #2 to read the section about the Central Coast.

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